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The first year OFF LABEL and our Big Five For 2023

It was time for a new start. A new beginning. The reset button, please!

That's how we felt a year ago when OFF LABEL became a topic between the three of us.

Consciously unconsciously, we asked ourselves where the journey should go and gathered what is important to us for the future. What new realities there are to create. Which mistakes to avoid. And how we will lead OFF LABEL to success.

Consciously unconsciously, we acted according to the "Big Five For Life" principle by John Strelecky. "Why do we spend so much time preparing for the time when we can do what we want instead of just doing it immediately?" was the initial question.

The Big Five For Life is about the things you want to do, see or achieve in life before your life is over. This automatically creates a sense of success for one's own life, as it corresponds to one's personal definition of success.

What can apply to a whole life must also work for shorter distances, so we thought, and so the idea for the Big Five For 2023 was born. As inspiration, encouragement and a thank you, we are sharing our Big Five For 2023 with you:

Humility, because everyone starts at the beginning.

Doing things for the first time when starting over is not a weakness, but a fact to be accepted and embraced.

Being and staying agile.

We have and will continue to challenge the status quo, try and discard new approaches and never settle for the lowest common denominator.

Never shy away from new paths, walk them.

New paths bring new insights and experiences, growing knowledge and progress. So why not?

Collectively, because together comes the strength.

Being able to count on each other seems to be the motto of the last few years - we prefer to act at eye level with all participants, taking and giving back.

Committed to the best results - also in 2023.

Besides all the philosophy and reflection, we were and remain an agency with services for our clients - with heart, soul and commitment we always work on the best possible results.

We wish you all wonderful holidays and see you soon - in 2023.

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